Monday, 6 July 2015

                                                Keep it Simple Silly !!
                      "Simplicity is the Keynote of all true Elegance"- Coco Channel

My first blog wants to focus on rectifying errors of judgement we all make while dressing up for any event, be it a family brunch or a movie night with friends. In this constant battle of Facebook likes , double taps on our instagram posts or trying our level best to be at par with the content creators on tumblr by being #goals , we have forgotten the fundamental concept of "less is more", that fashion icons today, be it Kate Middleton , Blake Lively or our own indian fashion diva Sonam Kapoor stand by.

Picture this girls...

You're at a club and a girl walks in wearing a very cute LBD(LITTLE BLACK DRESS) but along with the simple elegant attire she has teamed up a statement piece , a earcuff, smokey eyes, red lips, rings , bracelets ,bold clutch and a pair of big ol' jimmychoos.

Finding it difficult to put together ?!? But you will be shocked to see how often this happens.

In trying to incorporate all the fashion stereotypes into our style we not only start looking like replicas of one another but also lose direction of where we are headed in terms of our outfit of the day/night (OOTD/OOTN)

Hey don't stress I know being a teenager is very hard already so I've come up with a few outfit ideas and tips and tricks that save my life and hopefully now  will save yours too :)

I've come up with three such social events which every girl at some point needs to attend. I want all you girls out there to be able to turn that frown ,with which you stand with in front of your wardrobe, upside down.
So lets get into it..

Saturday Movie Night 
This movie night do not get caught in an uncomfortable fitted skirt or a super baggy sweat shirt. Movie nights are all about having a relaxed evening and catching up with friends without any fusses .
Grab your popcorn in style this weekend 

Outfit : A denim / floral romper and a little cardigan ( because no one wants to freeze just to be stylish right )

Shoes : Hightops-add the pop of colour to your otherwise monochrome look  ( yes you do get them for girls and yes it is kind of experimental but you'll be amazed how great they look)  

Accessories : Keep them minimal but yet different instead of loading your hands with bracelets that weigh them down just add a cute little back pack which will automatically create a fashion statement without any effort.

Hair and Make up : a smear of a pigmented lip balm is all you need to enhance  that amazing smile you have and your hair can be either in a top knot or neat fish tail braid 

Girls Night Out 

So its that plan of the month when you get to flaunt your favourite dress and slip into your highest stilettos cause guess what its girls night out . But ladies , I know black is ideal to feel you have the best possible figure and its safe to say no one will call the fashion police but it's a different thing to be #squadgoals and look like a squad of uniformed corporate employees .
Have fun, let the colour of your drink not be the only colour you spot.
Dare to stand out trust me you won't regret it 

Outfit : A fitted/babydoll cut dress in a colour or print 

Shoes :  Stilettos or a pair of wedges but make sure they are neutral since the major part of our outfit is printed 

Accessories : All you want to do is go dancing and let loose , but do you really want to loose your  diamond ring ? No right , so keep it bold but minimal do a side hair do and add a ear cuff to create the aura of a fashionista who does not belong to the herd but leads it.
 Also if you need to throw your car keys and gloss into something a matching clutch to your shoes will do the trick.

Hair and make-up: a subtle smokey eye with a nude lip colour and a side hair do

 ( this look can be worn for any party or evening event )

Model United Nations 
We all spend so much time researching the MUN agendas so that we can go up there with confidence and probably grab best delegate certificates but in the words of Christian Dior -" You are what you wear". Girls please do not get yourself trapped in ill-fitted pant suits that put you on the 'what not to wear' page of the next days news letter. Let your outfit define the gorgeous MUNer within you
Two sentences - KEEP IT FRESH . KEEP IT SIMPLE. 

Outfit : A formal dress / high waisted skirt with a formal tucked in shirt
            teamed with a well-fitted blazer 

Shoes : Do not follow the herd and be uncomfortable while parading around the campus in heals,wear a pair of nude monochrome flats instead .
Accessories : Add a pop of colour with an eye catchy neck piece that instantly catches your chair's eye and gets you 'recognised' , sticking to MUN TERMS THAT IS.

Hair and Make-Up: Keep your hair neat , youtubers out there have created a lot of braided hairstyles to try your hands on and its the simplest way to have effortlessly flawless looking hair on a bad hair day particularly (every girls nightmare right)
For make-up keeping it fresh is a must , a fine swoosh of black eyeliner and a smear of lipgloss should get you MUN ready in no time


These were my wardrobe essentials for the three basic events all girls at some point encounter .

Please comment below and give me feedback about what are your wardrobe essentials for these events  are:)
Keep It Chic
Riya Agarwa